Motion Ride, F1-Traxx, Lakeview Park, Islamabad

About Us

IA Entertainments is a Leading Manufacturers of Amusement Rides in Pakistan Since 1988 and have a very Vast Experience in manufacturing of Out-Door & In-Door Amusement Rides under the Leadership and Management of Mr. Irshad Ahmad. Wonderland-Nawaz Sharif Park, Rawalpindi" was our key Project which was developed in 1988 and sold out in 2010. "Chinar Amusement Park" at Golf Club Bhurban 2000- 2007 "Chinar Family Huts Bhurban" at Golf Club Bhurban 2002- 2007.

We also made many major projects of Amusement Parks or Allied Businesses which are shining star of our Carrier.